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BUPAT LTD. was founded in 1983 as an electronic components and equipment company in Ankara, Turkey. It is a privately owned company. It functions as a value-added representative and distributor of electronic products and services of mostly Western European and U.S. companies in Turkish markets. We are technical consultants and provide solutions and support services to some of the largest Turkish companies and institutions in both public and private sectors.

Electronics Valley is Bupat’s premier web portal for a wide spectrum of electronics sectors in Turkey. In the past Eight years, through Electronics Valley, Bupat organized 7 Aviation and Avionics systems and Four Military Electronics seminars. 8th Aviation and Avionics Systems Seminar is scheduled for Oct. 25-26, 2016 in Ankara, Turkey. These seminars have become very popular and significant events in Turkey based on the outstanding praise they generated.

The seminars bring together key players from the public and private sectors, the academia, and various think tanks. The goals are to accelerate the development of the avionics and aerospace sectors, to create synergy among the related organizations, and also to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to support the industry. Bupat is proud to facilitate a forum that gathers such brainpower and knowledge sharing and provides a tremendously valuable tool for business development and networking. 

BUPAT GLOBAL LLC was founded on the July 2013 in Chicago, Illinois acting as the strategical partner of BUPAT LTD. ŞTİ. in the realms of technical consultancy,  technology marketing and international business development. Having a goal of fullfilling the requirements and the urgent demands of the Turkish industries, BUPAT has expanded considerably the offered solutions, services and products through this partnership.
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